Friday, August 16, 2013

Fitting the Ocean into a Cup

After a summer of adventure, the Blue Ridge Mountains have finally called me home from Colorado and all its beauty. I miss everything about Eagle Lake but I am so incredibly thankful to have time to rest and re-adjust before starting my junior year. Trying to describe all I learned this summer feels like trying fit the ocean into a cup but I think I can sum it up like this: God is faithful and God is never slow to fulfill His promises. 

This summer I learned what it meant to let Jesus fill the gaps and holes that no person or words could. I cried tears of joy while watching sweet 8 year olds accept Christ for the first time and had all of my weaknesses on display as I attempted to love beyond my own capabilities. I got weird with 50 counselors and laughed until my cheeks hurt at least once a day. It was beautiful and wonderful and more than I could have dreamed of.

On a lighter note, here are some photos and quotes to help describe this summer.

The girls on campfire night.

"We had so much fun during B.O.B. time because we took pictures of you sleeping the whole time."

My first 14er!

"Jesus is like Dumbledore, nothing he says makes sense until later."

Way too many selfies were taken this summer.

"This camp is similar to the one I went to with my grandma except you can walk faster than she can."

Advice: Don't ask 8 year olds to do your war paint.

"Can our maximus cheer be Lord of the Rings themed? You'd make a great Gandalf."

First week of campers on crazy night. So fun!

"Allison, I'm sorry to wake you up but my feet are hot and I don't know what to do."

14er number two!

"You remind me of my mom... she has sweaty hands and so do you."

Getting to plant trees in the burn area that resulted from last year's Waldo Canyon Fire.

I was a banana.

 "I'm sorry but how can you two study the bible so seriously while wearing banana suits?"

Cutest cabin ever.

Hopefully I'll use this thing to share some funny stories from camp but I'm easily distracted so who knows... I'm so excited and hopeful to start my junior year of college and dream the dreams of our Father by knowing Christ and making Him known!

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