Friday, December 6, 2013

Sometimes I laugh so hard at myself when I think about how the things that I have wanted in life have drastically changed.

I used to ask for a pet monkey every year for Christmas until I was like 10 and found out Santa wasn't real. It was the first thing on my list every.single.year. I had this elaborate plan to make chimpanzees into seeing-eye-monkies to help blind people. I mean they could have made their owners breakfast and everything! It would have been great.

I think it came from watching the old school Little Rascals episode where Spanky tries to turn Cotton into a monkey. I'm still a little bitter that there was never a chimpanzee sitting under my Christmas tree but I guess my parents had their reasons…

One time get a dog named Bella though. She used to jump up from behind me and pull my pants down. She was the worst.

Then I was in middle school and I asked for a drum set. My parents said heck no to that one and I'm sure my siblings were praising the Great Lion of Judah because I would have been so annoying. In high school, I wanted things for the guitar that I can only play Silent Night and Hold Your Hand on. I'm not exactly sure why I was convinced I needed to be a musician of some sort but I think it had to do with my love for Taylor Swift and a boy telling me that girls who played guitar were soooooo cool.

Lately I seem to only want plane tickets, mostly ones that say that my final destination is Colorado. I'm in love with that place and those people. Maybe this is a phase, I don't know. Or maybe Jesus is growing and changing this southern girl's heart.

 It's too soon to tell if the big CO is just a place I'll visit and always love or if it's where I'm headed after graduation. Until then I'll be praying that I'll live the life that Jesus dreamed up for me whatever it looks like and wherever it is.

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  1. i love reading your blog! you should post a video of you playing silent night!! im sure a bunch of people would love to watch!!